Set a Reminder for Your Spirit

As my eyes opened this morning, I thought back to the incredible experience we had at Camp Jackson. Today marks a week since our last day of camp and I still found myself following a new ritual I adopted since coming home. Think back to the last time you lost your voice. I mean really lost it. There’s always that initial moment, when you first wake up, where you aren’t sure if your voice has improved throughout the night; you

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Fear God and Fear Not

Fear Not

Last night in Bible Study, we walked through Psalm 34 and talked about whether or not a Christian should fear. One of the common responses was there are different kinds of fear. There’s both a healthy fear and an unhealthy fear. Reverent Fear-is a healthy fear and is what is being referred to when the Bible refers to the fear of the Lord. This is a fear that we should all have, but not all do. Jeremiah 5:22 (NIV) tells

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