The Greatness of God

“Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom.” Psalm 145:3, NIV

Ever wonder how big God is?  Truly no one can fathom.  When you think about our planet you may think about things like the beautiful rolling hills and valleys, the vast number of creatures that exist on our planet, or the wonders of the deep blue seas.  Truly our planet is huge and great in itself, yet it’s much smaller that our Sun.  Yet, the Sun is just one star in the Milky Way which has billions and billions of stars.  Many of those stars are much larger than our Sun.  The Milky Way is only one galaxy in the universe.  There are literally billions and billions of galaxies throughout the universe!   That’s HUGE!!!!!  

That is just one facet of God’s greatness!  God is great in all things.  Isn’t He great when He provides divine protection, the birth of a newborn baby, and even when hundreds of people work together in unity to selflessly help those in need?

Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise!

If you were not able to attend Bible Study we discussed

  • God deserves continual praise
  • Praise is a way we can teach the next generation of how great God is
  • Praise reinforces our faith in His promises

Today, and everyday praise Him!  Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

What are some other ways you see God’s greatness? 

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