Resurrect Your Dreams!

Dreams, we all have them. From childhood on we dream of seeing faraway places, doing incredible things with our lives and making a difference in this world. Each individual’s dreams are different. Some dream of being dentists while others dream of being pop stars. When we are young, dreams come so easy, because we haven’t become jaded by the cruelness of the world. We shared them with our friends. We drew pictures of ourselves achieving our dreams.

I remember mowing the yard at my house while listening to the race on the radio. I pretended to be there racing with Dale Earnhardt, Bill Elliott, Davey Allison and others. I would lie on the floor, tossing a ball in the air, imagining that I was about to score a touchdown in the biggest game of my life. My personal favorite, dancing around the dining room while no one was watching, lip-syncing to my stepfather’s 8-tracks and records. I was a star! I performed for the trees outside my window and imagined that the wind blowing through the leaves was thunderous applause.

I would have been mortified if anyone had caught me but there were times growing up that the dream world far surpassed the real one. I would find myself there often and I wish, sometimes, I could go back there again with the same ease I did in my youth. What a ridiculous thought, right?

Earlier this week I heard someone say that when they were younger they had dreams of a different life, something better. From the defeated tone of the speaker, you could tell that they had set aside their dreams and decided there was no point in pursuing them any longer. At what point do dreams become impractical? When do we set aside the dream and settle for the status quo?

Why do dreams have to die? We mournfully regret the things we never reached when maybe they are still on the horizon. Maybe we weren’t ready for them yet. I’ve noticed that, as I have gotten older, my dreams have matured (maybe faster than I have). Though I would love to race in NASCAR or catch that Super Bowl winning pass, those dreams have been replaced by far loftier goals and ambitions. I still dare to dream!

It’s my dreams that give me hope for a future where I have had a far reaching affect on the world around me. I dream big! I spend moments thinking about what it will be like when I reach my dreams! The difference now is the direction of those dreams. They include family, friends and most of all, my faith! I keep pushing forward, running the race, always expecting the goal to be around the next corner. When it’s not, I trust God to lead me to the finish. My dreams are bigger than I am!

Don’t let fear stop you from dreaming. Dare to dream! Regardless of your age, you have a value greater than you know. So take a moment and dream again! Allow yourself to get swept up in the wonder of that place where you are making an impact beyond anything you ever imagined. I saw a quote recently that said something like, “If your dreams don’t scare you, then they aren’t big enough.” Our dreams should be challenging, but don’t let fear of failure stop you from trusting God and chasing your dreams.

So go, paint a picture, write a book, run a race. Most importantly, believe that you can achieve those things you dream about. With God, all things are possible and age isn’t that big of a deal in His economy. Ready, set, go… Chase your dreams!

Toby J. Swager is a husband, father, author of two books, Non-profit director, and a pastor. He currently serves at Connection Pointe Church in Goodlettsville. Log on to his website for more information,

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